IATEFL BESIG is run by a group of volunteers who take on the various jobs involved in the SIG.

A profile photo of Marjorie Rosenberg
Marjorie Rosenberg (Joint Coordinator)

Marjorie Rosenberg has been teaching business English in adult education institutions, in companies and at tertiary level for almost forty years in Graz, Austria, often drawing on her experience working for major advertising agencies in New York City. She has published extensively in ELT and in business English and has authored methodology books, photocopiable resources and co-authored several business English course books.

Marjorie has been an IATEFL BESIG member for close to thirty years and has been active both in the SIG as Coordinator from 2009 – 2015 and in IATEFL where she served as President from 2015 till 2017.  As she is committed to working with colleagues in the field of BE, she is excited about being more involved again in the running of the SIG. 

A profile photo of a smiling Sarah Plochl, the IATEFl BESIG Joint Coordinator
Sarah Plochl (Joint Coordinator)

Sarah Plochl is a language coach based in Hamburg, Germany. After eight years as a trainer and DoS at a Business English school, she decided to specialise in working with advanced learners 1:1, which also became the focus of her Cambridge Diploma. After getting a Neurolanguage Coaching Certification, Sarah started her own business, EDGY Coaching. In her work, she draws on both her qualifications as a BE trainer and her experience as an artist and performer in order to help creative professionals express themselves more freely in English.

Sarah has been an active IATEFL BESIG member and has been serving on the committee of HELTA, Hamburg’s English teaching association, as Chair since 2017. Sarah sees volunteering, attending conferences, and making connections as a great source of inspiration for her practice. See www.edgycoaching.de


Shweta Paropkari-min
Shweta Paropkari (Publications Coordinator)

Shweta Paropkari is a certTESOL Qualified Teacher and Teacher Trainer with expertise in Business English, IELTS and ESP, a certified Cambridge Presenter, and a qualified Emotional Intelligence practitioner. In 2020, she won the Maria Keller First Time Speaker Scholarship at the 33rd IATEFL BESIG Conference and 2022, the Ray Tongue Scholarship at the 55th IATEFL Annual Conference in Belfast. Shweta is the Co-founder of Business Communication Facilitators’ Association of India (BCFAI) – a newly formed organisation for ELTs working or intending to work in the field of Business Communication in India. Currently, her focus areas are Teacher Training, Business Communication, Language & Cultural Competency training, and Workplace Skills for pre-service students. As the IATEFL BESIG Publications Co-ordinator, she aims to showcase and promote the IATEFL BESIG brand, its members, its volunteers, and the work they all do.

Elizabeth Molt profile picture
Elizabeth Molt (Administration and Membership Coordinator)

Elizabeth Molt is a Lecturer of English at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (NL), to BSc students of mechanical engineering and automotive. She is busy with completing PhD at the University of Leiden in her spare time. Elizabeth has been an IATEFL member (BESIG and ESPSIG) since Brighton 2011. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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