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Case studies




Online publisher materials (free resources):

Express Publishing Teacher resources:


OUP – free Business English material in the Oxford Teachers Club:


Business Spotlight and Spotlight:  (limited time offer)

Spotlight Verlag is making its digital archive — including Business Spotlight and Spotlight — available free of charge to teachers/trainers for four weeks. This gives access to the magazines, exercises booklets, audio and teaching supplements. To get access to the archive, send an email to [email protected]The archive will then be opened for four weeks. The offer ends automatically.


Cambridge UP has released free versions of books until the end of May:  (may be closed due to high demand)


Cengage/NGL offers something similar:
BE lessons can be found here:


Pearson provides online resources here:




Cornelsen’s helpful website for teachers:


Macmillan’s website has links to free resources and a variety of material linked to their coursebooks:
Macmillan has also opened up until the end of June for teachers to search and download materials for free

Teach from home  (temporary free site)




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Helen Strong will help with a one-hour coaching session. “If anyone in my network feels they would benefit from speaking to a professional coach right now, please contact me. I can offer a 60-min session (online via Zoom) free of charge to help you make sense of how you’re feeling during this challenging period.” Contact Helen at:


EAP, ESAP and General English | Garnet Education

Garnet Education is currently offering a 40% discount on online ebooks:
For further details, please email [email protected]




Intercultural competence


Tom Selleck eating in Japan:

Group dynamics:

HSBC Young Leaders

Marketing failures

The HSBC videos:

Dutch videos:

Chinese laundry video:

Lufthansa’s more Indian than you think:

Morning Glory on power distance and corporate culture:

Scene from Outsourced (US business guy in India):

Business Cultures Introductions:

Video on meeting Japanese/US guyss:

Gestures around the world:

Fons Trompenaars TED talk:

Valerie Hoeks – Cultural difference in business

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High and low context:

Scene from Too Big To Fail (US/Korea):


Special: Unconscious bias


Books and articles

Book on Japanese culture and behaviour:

India’s sacred cows (cultural change):

Business English books containing IC material:
Business Partners (LTP)
Business Result series (Oxford)
Business Skills series (Cambridge, e.g. Dynamic Presentations)
Leading People, Managing Change (Steve Flinders, Delta Publishing)
Effective International Business Communication (Bob Dignen, Collins)

Intercultural Competencies by Helen Duus Møllerskov 

High and low context and activities:


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