We are putting out a call for nominations for the positions of Treasurer and Publications Coordinator.


Publications Coordinator

Responsibilities of the role include:

  • being a member of the BESIG Committee and contributing to decisions concerning the SIG
  • attending BESIG committee meetings and keeping BESIG committee members up to date regarding issues to do with publications
  • overall coordination of BESIG’s publications, including Business Issues, published three times a year, Conference Selections, published once a year, and the BESIG blog.
  • managing a team of volunteers (the BESIG Publications team) who will assist in various tasks (listed below). Note that this list provides examples of tasks based on previous experience, and is currently under review.
    • finding contributions (e.g. articles, book reviews, columns, blog posts)
    • following up leads for possible articles
    • reminding committee members of submission deadlines
    • finding advertisers and advising them regarding their requirements
    • compiling and editing / proofreading contributions
    • finding / selecting photos, as needed
    • writing editorials
    • liaising with proof-readers as necessary
    • liaising with layouters and discussing layout wishes / requests / changes
    • sending a list of contributors and their regular mail address to IATEFL Head Office
    • sending billing information of advertisers to IATEFL Head Office
    • checking that digital versions are uploaded, and then drafting the email which informs members that the new issue is now available online and sending it to the BESIG Coordinator to be sent out
    • verifying that IATEFL’s non-promotion policy is complied with

An ideal candidate for the position would have:

  • excellent organisational skills
  • publishing experience
  • experience and contacts in the ELT world
  • an ability to work in varying teams (i. e. having good people skills)
  • good computer skills and a reliable internet connection
  • a willingness to attend conferences and events and to travel to a committee meeting (normally coincides with the BESIG Annual Conference).



Responsibilities of the role include:

  • being a member of the BESIG Committee and contributing to decisions concerning the SIG
  • attending BESIG committee meetings and keeping BESIG committee members up to date regarding issues to do with finances
  • looking after and managing the SIG finances
  • preparing the annual budget
  • preparing or overseeing conference and event budgets
  • consulting with the coordinators and events coordinators about specific financial questions
  • Following up and advising committee members and partners (e.g. PCE speakers, conference organizers, etc) on submitting expense claims to IATEFL.
  • Overseeing committee and partner expenses (approving expense claims that include original receipts that have been submitted to IATEFL).
  • Summarising BESIG’s financial position at the Annual BESIG Conference.


An ideal candidate for the position would have:


  • familiarity with spreadsheets
  • familiarity with currency conversion tools
  • experience in preparing a budget and looking after finances of an organisation
  • experience in submitting invoices to customers or sponsors
  • excellent written communication skills



Hurry!! All nominations must be submitted by 28 September 2019

IATEFL BESIG is run by a group of volunteers who form the committee and take on the various jobs involved in managing the SIG. As of November 2018 the Committee consists of the following SIG members.

Dana Poklepovic
Dana Poklepovic (Joint Coordinator)

Dana Poklepovic is a communication skills and Business English trainer with extensive experience in teaching at corporate and university level in Argentina, Chile and New York. She  holds a PhD in Modern Languages, a Business English Training certificate by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a translation degree by UCA. She is also a certified executive and C-IQ coach. Dana is based in Buenos Aires where she runs a business communication and coaching consultancy. Her first steps in IATEFL BESIG were in the Online Team in 2012. For more details, see

Evan Frendo
Evan Frendo (Joint Coordinator)

Evan Frendo is a freelance English language teaching professional, and has been specialising in business English and English for specific purposes since 1993. He is currently based in Berlin, Germany, but his work takes him to different parts of Europe and Asia. Evan has a master’s degree in teaching English for specific purposes from Aston University, a diploma in teaching English for business from the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Cranfield University. Evan was BESIG Coordinator from 2003-2005. For more details see

Andreea Nechifor 2
Andreea-Katia Nechifor (Events Coordinator)

Andreea-Katia Nechifor is a business English and German trainer based in Iasi, Romania. Andreea has always been interested in both business and languages, interests which have shaped her academic and career path.  She graduated the Faculty of Letters and the Faculty of Economy and Business Administration and did a master’s in marketing. She holds a CELTA, a Cert IBET and a Belbin accreditation. In 2009 she founded Lektor, a private language school which she has been running ever since. Andreea has also worked as a freelance speaking examiner for the British Council. In 2018 she organized the annual IATEFL BESIG conference in Iasi and became an active promoter of the organization in her country.

Oksana Hera
Oksana Hera (Joint Web & Online Team Coordinator)

Oksana Hera is a freelance Business English trainer based in Lviv, Ukraine. She holds an English UK/Trinity College London Certificate in Business English Training, a Master’s Degree in Linguistics, and a CELTA. Working primarily with IT professionals, Oksana designs materials for corporate groups and takes interest in strategies to enhance in-company training, learners’ testing and motivation, and how to meaningfully incorporate technology in the learning and training process.

Rob Howard
Rob Howard (Joint Web & Online Team Coordinator)

Rob Howard, after a business career in the US, is online as an active EFL Teacher and Neurolanguage Coach both training teachers to build their own freelance businesses as well as teaching Business English. He is president of the BRAZ-TESOL BESIG, Online and Video Coordinator for the Visual Arts Circle and has authored and coauthored several books for EFL. He is a speaker worldwide on Continuing Professional Development, Business Development and Image Presentation and the founder of EFLtalks which was nominated for the 2016 British Council’s ELTon Award for Innovation in Teacher Development. He lives in Brazil and Poland. see

Maria Szugfil
Maria Szugfil (Administration and Sponsorship Coordinator)
Maria Szugfil’s business English career spans almost 20 years: first based in Spain and since 2003 teaching in Germany where she specialises in in-company courses to manufacturing companies.

Over the past 5 years, Maria has invested heavily in her continuing professional development and has successfully completed a Delta and an MA in ELT (distinction) in her free time.  As a result of doing these qualifications, she is very aware of current trends, issues and authors in the BE, ESP and ELT worlds.

She also has a business background in sales, marketing, account management and project administration, having had a first career in the UK finance sector before coming into ELT. Maria’s business background adds an extra dimension for learners and she hopes it will be an advantage for the BESIG role.

Steve Miller
Steve Miller (Treasurer)

Steve’s career in Information Technology spanned three continents before he found his passion in training and personal development.  He leverages his background in business processes, systems, project management and intercultural experience to provide practical communications training and coaching to his individual, group and team clients in the Nuremberg, Germany region.  As BESIG Treasurer, he gets to put his love of numbers to good use again!